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A typical hair transplant restores 1,500 – 2,000 grafts and covers either the frontal or crown area. A megasession hair transplant describes a transplant of 3,000 hair grafts or more and, in most cases, involves transplanting the entire top of the head in a single session. To be able to move 3,000+ grafts (6,000 to 7,000 hairs) takes the right patient, the right surgeon, and the right team. You must have an enough donor hairs and work with a team that can process the grafts in a reasonable timeframe, and a surgeon who can design and distribute where the grafts go in a way for an optimal outcome after a single hair-transplant session.

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The Significance of Proper Hair Transplantation Techniques

Temporal points are small triangles of hairs located above your sideburns that give a full frame to your face. Many surgeons only perform hair transplants along the hairline and in the central scalp. However, the temples and temporal points can be an important area to rebuild in order to provide the most youthful frame to the face. Also, if the hairline is brought significantly forward without rebuilding the temples, the result can look unnatural. Temporal points have a unique hair-growth pattern, and its reconstruction is a very advanced surgical procedure that requires the most skilled hands. Me4Men regularly creates aesthetically pleasing and the most natural-appearing temporal points for his patients.

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