Women Hair Restoration

Although the public typically thinks of hair transplant as a primarily male-targeted procedure, M4men regularly performs hair transplants in women for a variety of reasons. About 30% of women over 30 years of age experience hair thinning, so hair transplant is a very common procedure that improves hair density and provides a solution for female hair loss. Hair transplant can also be undertaken to restore the hairline in women who have either lost the frontal hairline due to anaginghair loss or simply were born with a very high hairline.

Despite being commonly associated with men, hair transplant procedures are also recommended for women for multiple reasons. Approximately 30% of women over the age of 30 experience hair thinning. Hair transplantation is a prevalent and effective solution for female hair loss, as it can improve hair density and restore the hairline in women who have lost their frontal hairline due to aging or genetics. Women who have previously undergone cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts and brow lifts and have visible scars in areas such as the temples, sideburns, or behind the ears can also benefit from hair transplant surgery.

If you’re struggling with hair loss and looking for a reliable solution, Me4Men for Hair Restoration is here to help. With our guidance and expertise, you can achieve your desired hair goals and regain confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our hair restoration services.

What options are available for hair restoration procedures for women?

1. 1 Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an innovative home-based treatment for hair loss that has recently gained popularity as a viable alternative or supplement to conventional hair loss treatments such as topical minoxidil or oral finasteride 12. Both men and women experiencing hair loss can benefit from this advanced and effective therapy, which can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other hair loss treatments.

1. 2 Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) is a cosmetic procedure that involves applying a tattoo on the scalp to conceal bald spots or improve the results of a hair transplant. It is an alternative hair loss solution for women who do not wish to undergo a hair transplant. SMP is a quick and easy procedure that provides immediate results by reducing the color contrast between the scalp and hair color.

1. 3 Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance surgical outcomes. Whether you’re undergoing a complex procedure or a simple one, the addition of PRP can help to promote healing, reduce scarring, and improve overall results. By injecting PRP directly into the scalp, the growth factors and other beneficial components can stimulate hair follicles, leading to thicker, fuller hair.


  • Women who were born with a high hairline and feel their forehead is disproportionately large
  • Women diagnosed with female-pattern hair loss, experience progressive thinning of hair, and have adequate donor hair may consider undergoing hair restoration procedures.
  • Women who are noticing a receding hairline characterized by corners that are thinning due to aging
  • Individuals who are transitioning from male to female (MTF) and are seeking hormone therapy and experience hair loss