Me4Men utilizes PRP injections during hair transplant surgery to stimulate hair to grow into the newly transplanted grafts. PRP is a cutting-edge procedure that uses your body’s healing capabilities to stimulate tissue repair and growth. PRP can be used in various medical and cosmetic treatments, promoting wound healing, hair restoration, and orthopedic procedures. PRP can also be used independently to thicken hair for both genders.


You will receive guidance on how to clean your hair before the commencement of treatment. During the procedure, about 120 ccs of blood will be drawn, and while the blood is being centrifuged, an anesthetic ring block will be applied to your scalp to minimize discomfort. Me4Men uses a technique that is much less painful than traditional ring blocks. Once the PRP is separated, it will be combined with AMM and gently distributed to the thinning area of your scalp. After gently massaging the product across the scalp and activating it with a micro pen, you can wear a surgical cap and return home. Follow-up appointments are typically not necessary, although you can schedule one several months later to evaluate the growth progress or visit us earlier if you face any concerns during the recovery process.