Corrective Restoration

A good hair transplant result is undetectable not only to another viewer but to another hair-transplant surgeon. There are many reasons for a hair transplant to look unnatural and require a corrective procedure.

Hair transplant results should not be discernible to either regular viewers or hair transplant surgeons. Several factors can contribute to an unnatural appearance, such as outdated technologies, the progress of hair loss, and suboptimal surgical approaches. Today, obsolete procedures like large circular grafts, flaps, and scalp reductions are not used anymore as they produce results that look unnatural. Nevertheless, even with modern techniques, hair transplants can still result in outcomes that do not look natural, such as wide scarring in the donor area or irregular hair growth patterns that are challenging to fix.

Say Goodbye to Unnatural Hairlines: Why the Right Surgeon and Technique Matter

If the person performing a hair transplant is inexperienced, they may create a hairline that looks bad to the patient. Even if they try to make the hairline look natural, it may still end up looking wrong for various reasons.

Furthermore, if the people assisting the surgeon are not careful when placing the hair grafts, the result may be unnatural due to poor growth, difficulty styling the hair, or other issues.

Trust Me4Men’s Expertise for a Customized Solution

When a hair transplant goes wrong, the first step in correcting it is to identify the problem. Sometimes, the issue can be resolved by covering up larger plugs or poorly placed grafts with better grafts. Other times, the grafts are in the wrong position (like in the forehead) and may need to be removed and placed elsewhere on the scalp. Fixing a bad hair transplant requires skill and experience. Me4Men will carefully evaluate the problem and come up with a thoughtful plan to correct it, considering the patient’s hair donor capacity and aesthetic goals. A consultation will help the patient decide on the best solution suited for them.

How Much Do Corrective Hair Transplants Cost?

Corrective hair transplants must be customized to address the needs of each patient to achieve the best results. The cost of the procedure hinges on the extent of correction needed to attain the desired outcome. During your consultation, an assessment of your hair will be conducted to identify the most effective treatment plan and its associated cost.